Our after school programs generate positive outcomes for youth that includes improved academic performance, classroom behavior, and nutritional food. We work diligently to design and implement a program that aligns with school schedule. Our curriculum includes hands-on enrichment activities according to scholars unique learning needs. We draw upon the most effective academic enrichment, physical fitness, nutritional and life skill programs to challenge children and make learning fun.

We create a safe, healthy and stimulating place for school children while providing them with opportunities for participation in the following activities:

  • Academic skill-building and homework tuition
  • Sports and recreation
  • Exploration of special interests such as art, music, theater, dance, computers and technology, crafts, games, etc.
  • Volunteer work and community service, also known as service-learning
  • Cultural celebrations

How We Are Different?

  • Our Qualified teachers tutor the students to excel multiple tasks on their own
  • We provide computer and printer access to kids
  • Our trainers help every child individually
  • We provide free school pick ups
  • Royal kids education material is provided to the children for an enhanced approach
  • An environment that strengthens social skills and character