Being a toddler is exciting, no doubt. You can walk, talk, and explore, all on your own. Every experience is magical, and every item dug from the ground is treasure. You say the cutest things, and you get a lot of attention because of how cute you naturally are. You love being a toddler, and you love to learn.

At Royal Kids Academy in Hayward, we specialize in toddler daycare in order to foster this natural wonder your toddler has and help him or her grow in the wide world. Even though your child is young, we are already preparing him or her for advanced education. Every activity we do, toddler game we play, or book we read is specifically chosen for a learning purpose, even though your child will think it’s just plain fun.

We value education here at Royal Kids Academy in Hayward. That being said, we make sure all of our activities are fun, engaging, and dynamic so your child will learn without even realizing he or she is learning. In addition to the top-notch education your toddler will receive at our toddler school, he or she will gain social interaction with peers and adults, as well as have time to just be a kid. We believe in guided learning here at Royal Kids Academy in Hayward and provide activities for kids to do just that.

When you entrust your toddler to us, you can rest assured all of your child’s needs are taken care of, from eating, playing, learning, and feeling valued. We strive to give all of our toddlers the individualized attention they deserve at our toddler school. Contact us today to schedule a tour, or to learn more about our toddler daycare!


We believe toddlers learn best in a safe environment, where they can explore in their own ways. We use hands-on exploration and social interaction to help your toddler learn about various things. Through the guidance of your educators, the children enjoy learning experiences. We ensure promoting their curiosity and social skills and foster self-confidence. We promote emotional, physical, social, intellectual development in a fun and engaging environment.

We plan different activities for the children that are building around toddler’s limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries. They will learn counting, writing, enjoying music, understanding simple instructions and much more. Recognizing every family’s concerns and priorities, we focus on child’s strengths and needs.

How We Do It?

  • Guiding toddlers’ first steps to mathematical understanding
  • Supporting toddlers in developing scientific thinking through investigation
  • Encouraging play between peers
  • Experiment with and explore colors
  • Learning during activities such as snack time