Preschool learning is about making learning fun, exciting, new, wondrous, and beautiful all in a loving environment. When your child is excited to go to school to learn about how butterflies come from caterpillars, how their favorite story will end, how to add money, and how to draw shapes, he or she will not only learn more, but will be more likely to be life-long learners. An excellent preschool, such as the preschool program offered by Royal Kids Academy in Hayward, instills the love of learning by sharing engaging stories, making learning interactive, and allowing lots of free discovery time outdoors. From planting and caring for a garden to taking exciting field trips, your preschooler will emerge from our pre-k program ready for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Our preschool program motivates the children to refine their skills and expand knowledge. Through easy teaching practices, adaptive learning environment, and enriched activities, we ensure the preschoolers have fun-filled and meaningful experiences that lead to success in school and in life. Our curriculum is aligned with preschool program goals and practices, helping the children grow into confident students.

Our program introduces language, math, science, moral education and much more to nourish learning with individual attention. Our programs are grounded in early childhood fundamentals. Teachers provide a warm, caring and joyful environment that encourages natural curiosity.

Royal Kids Academy in Hayward takes a holistic approach to preschool learning. We nurture the whole child by encouraging curiosity, introducing the concept of friendship, and teaching him or her right from wrong. Through enriching activities and meaningful experiences, we teach children about the world around them. Reading skills are introduced, including phonics, or the sound of letters, and beginning math and science concepts, using nature. We strive to make every activity an opportunity to learn, from nature walks in the fall that focus on why leaves fall to the shortened days of the year that teaches about earth’s rotation.

We meet every child where he or she is in their learning and teach in a variety of ways to engage every learning style. Contact us today for a tour!

How We Are Different?

  • We encourage children to learn the right things.
  • We help them making new friends.
  • We nurture the whole child, both mind, and heart.
  • We make them learn to cooperate with friends through group activities.
  • We indulge them in practicing etiquette.
  • We guide them towards healthier development.