At Royal Kids Academy in Hayward, we specialize in infant care. Our staff has years of experience working with children and upholds our high quality care standards. Your infant will be held a good majority of the day, providing that comfort, warmth, and protection babies crave. Your toddler will be encouraged to explore, while under the watchful eye of our staff, since we all know how toddlers tend to get into things. Your infant will receive one-on-one time every day and be encouraged to interact with both their environment and others.


At Royal Kids Academy, we never raise our voice to discipline your child. Instead, we model the appropriate behavior and ask them to do better the next time. We encourage naps for the infants when they are tired, and we sanitize all of our toys at the end of the day. Reading is valued here at Royal Kids Academy in Hayward, so your baby will hear lots of classic books, from Good Night, Moon to Mother Goose Tales.

Our day care program is all about providing a warm and safe environment for your baby. We develop beautiful relationship with your baby and create a stimulating environment to nurture curiosity in him/her. As we understand maintaining your home routine, we ensure your baby’s transition is always smooth. Our program promotes intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

Our activities are designed to keep your child motivated, active, and inspired. Maintaining your child’s safety and security is our first concern. All the toys and equipment are hence carefully selected for your child’s safety and educational needs. Especially designed with safety features and age-appropriate toys and furniture, our academy is the best place where your baby can freely learn about various things.

How We Work?

  • We assist you in providing guidance, attention, and care to your children.
  • We cover basic early childhood education needs.
  • We research on opportunities that provoke children to think.
  • We encourage children to become self-sufficient.

Our mission is to help guide your infant as he or she grows and encourage tactile exploration. We love to help your infant and toddler explore the vast world around them, and we incorporate lots of play time both indoors and outdoors for learning opportunities. Some of our best days are when the unexpected and unplanned happens, like butterflies decide to pay our flowers a visit or a caterpillar meanders through the playground. Watching your infant and toddler’s eyes light up is the moments in life we live for.


Royal Kids Academy is the best day care center in Hayward, offering infant day care and toddler day care. All of our caregivers have to pass a background check and are carefully screened before hiring. All of our caregivers are trained in CPR and first aid in the event of an emergency. We provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner options every day, as well as snacks throughout the day. All of our meals are planned by our full time general service manager, who provides meals that are well-balanced, nutritious, and tastes good. Parent involvement is integral to what we do here at Royal Kids Academy in Hayward. We love to connect with parents on a daily basis if possible to let you know how well your child is doing or if there were any concerns that arose, such as your infant is not feeling well or eating well that day. We’ll send home all of your toddler’s work so you can see exactly what you child did that day and what he or she is learning.

Every aspect of your child will be provided for, from stimulating learning opportunities, emotional support, and food needs. Each child and infant whom we care for is special and is treated as such. We follow your baby’s rhythms for sleep, eating, playing, and growing. We never pigeonhole kids based on age, and we always meet your child right where he or she is at. Rest assured that with Royal Kids Academy, your child is in good hands. Contact us today for a tour of our facilities!