We plan different activities for children to expand their horizons. These activities are considered as the need of the hour to prepare children for their future endeavors. Moreover, we provide a platform for the children to develop new interests and hobbies.

  • Art & Craft gives an opportunity to express child’s innate senses.
  • Playing sports is essential to the holistic development of an individual.
  • Music, dance, and drama give the children an opportunity to engage with their peer group.
  • Chess, puzzles and other strategic games allow children to master logical thinking.
  • Yoga classes help children to stay fit and relaxed.
  • Science classes teach the children to do wonders in a fun way.

Our enrichment programs are not limited to these but offers a wide range of classes to keep your child abreast of new skills and developments.

At Royal Kid’s Academy, we take care of every the child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs. we stimulate creativity and foster a positive self-image. We believe in providing the best platform to the children to explore their talent.

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